Somos Escritoras #ATX Summer 2019

This summer, we hosted the second annual Somos Escritoras/We are Writers workshop for Latinx girls (grades 6-8) at Sadler Means Young Women’s Leadership Academy.

For one week 13 young Latinx girls met at Sadler Means to join in community and share their stories and experiences through art, writing and theater.

self-portraits shot

Somos Escritoras young writers and writing mentors sharing their self-portraits. 

Together we examined our cultural and linguistic histories, discovered new ways to use art and writing to define ourselves, while building a bond of sisterhood and community.


mexican flag-where i'm from.jpg

Where I’m From: Girls drew a picture to share all the people, places and moments that are part of where they are from. Then, they took their pictures to writing. 

Throughout the week, members from our community joined us to share their gifts and talents with us. They hosted guest writing and art workshops, shared the ways they use writing in their lives and careers and provided insight into their writing journeys.


Somos Escritoras is a communal space, in which, we are coming together Como mujeres y chicas, to share, grow and learn from the intergenerational exchange of stories and histories. Our journeys are connected by our shared desire to make our dreams come true, give back to our communities and pave the way for future generations of Latinx girls to realize their power–and step into it.

The week was made possible by the letters: C-O-M-M-U-N-I-T-Y!

Thank you to our community supporters:

  • Sadler Means Young Women’s Leadership Academy
  • Sadler Means Principal: Mrs. Christina Almaraz Ortiz
  • Our Writing Mentors: Nathaly, Judith, Tania, Stephanie, & Desiree
  • Web Designer: Iris Treinies
  • Guest Presenter: Natalie Martinez, Fox 7 Austin
  • Guest Presenter: Lorena German
  • Guest Presenter: Dr. Paty Abril-Gonzalez
  • Lunch Panel Presenters: Soledad Bautista, Alethea Maldonado & Sandra Springer
  • My Parents: Vivian and George Flores
  • The Heart of Texas Writing Project Director: Deb Kelt
  • My Chair: Dr. Cinthia Salinas
  • Dr. Noah DeLissovoy
  • Dr. Arcelia Hernandez
  • My Dissertation Co-Chairs: Dr. James Blasingame & Dr. Sujey Vega