Final Days

Today marked the final day of class for my yearlong Interdisciplinary Seminar. This course spanned two semesters, meeting weekly to discuss theories of learning and literacy, paradigms, research design and conducting interdisciplinary research. Many of our discussions were anchored in the AZ Move on When Reading mandate that is being implemented this school year and the problematic nature of what it means to learning and literacy. It has truly been a year of rich learning and a space to grow in this new space.

The fact that this has been a year long class which I had with 11 other first year students and 3 wonderful professors—makes it hard to see the semester close–and our year together come to a close. We will enter our 2nd year, continue to follow our individual paths based on our interests and passions—and see less of each other. I do look forward to the day when we can work together again as scholars—making a positive impact in education.

I Am Thankful

I am thankful for critical conversations and shared laughs. For metaphors for scholarship (gangs of academia) to images to help us understand paradigms. I am thankful for the 13 smiling faces that greet me every Wednesday for class.

I am thankful for Amber, “The Task Master” love of Ke$ha.

For Kewman’s kindness and for Olivia’s celebrations that make us all feel special and loved.


I am thankful for Lori’s strength and resilience and for Josh’s thoughtful ways.

For Kelly’s style and computer support and Jim’s questions that move our group to different ways of looking at an issue.


I am thankful for Alice, the other part of the English Ed. cohort, sharing every moment with me.

For shared conversations with Julia and inside jokes with Maria.

I am thankful for Anna’s helpfulness and constant support.


I am thankful to my teachers and mentors, Betty and Jory, guiding us each week, stretching our thinking, and supporting us in this new space as doctoral students.

For your kindness, insights, and listening ears—I will forever be thankful.


I am thankful for this time that we spent together during the first year of our journey and for what the future holds as we continue on this path from student to scholar.


This is dedicated to my friends and colleagues in DCI 791.