A Surprising Recognition: Liebster Blog Award


Hip, Hip, Hooray!

In August I started my doctorate and at the same time started journaling about my experience in this new space. My journaling, my musings, are my opportunity to document my special journey from student to scholar and the people and moments that inspire me along the way.
Since August, my musings were between my computer and me. However, after talking to my sister who also has a blog, I decided it was time to make my musings public. I thought this would be the perfect way to share my journey with friends and family near and far, and hopefully to connect with others, as I’m learning it takes a village to raise a doc student.

On January 13, I launched my blog. Just three weeks later, I received notice that I am being recognized by my fellow blogger We Run for Cupcakes (http://werunforcupcakes.wordpress.com/) for the Liebster award.

Stay tuned for my answers to the 11 questions We Run for Cupcakes sent me—they are very thought provoking.

Plus, my nominees.

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